JMS at Hawthorne High School on 8 May 2004

Not bothering to edit, or pick and's all of 'em! Click on any thumbnail for a larger size, and if anyone wants an even larger size of a particular image, just e-mail me. (And, no, I don't know what the spots on some of the photos are, either. It can't be dirt on the lens, because it shows up mysteriously in one picture and disappears mysteriously in the next. If anyone wants to buy me a new camera, I prefer a digital with at least a 3x optical zoom. )

Bunches of us rastb5.mod-ers, assorted lurkers and even a spouse.

Wendy from NJ, Amy, Wendy from PA, Jan

Jan, Wendy from PA, Amy, Wendy from NJ

Amy and JMS, before I blinded him with my hair.

Amy vainly flips her hair before the photo, blinding JMS with product-saturated ringlets.

JMS not answering a question about TMoS for only the sixteenth time that day.

Wendy from NJ, JMS, Amy — we wanted to smooch him on the cheeks, but he just seemed so shy.

JMS signing the Eep watches, courtesy of Jan.

JMS and Jan, Semi-Official B5 Script Archivist

JMS and Wendy from PA.

Drum roll, please! JMS and the Rangermobile!

JMS and the rastb5.mod-ers in attendance. The faces who haven't been named previously are: Caryn Dunkel (to JMS's left/photo right; Andrea (lurker), and kneeling in front, Iva, and Mickey (lurker — Mickey from Rochester, not Mickey from Florida!)

Amy says, "Do something funny, people."

The sad results of that request.

Bell's about to ring; everybody take their seats!

The panel was in a high school classroom. I figure the desks were very old. Mine had "PINK FLOYD" scratched in it (although I suppose you could update it for today's teens by covering over the "FLOYD".)

That hot pink patent-leather purse is, of course, mine.

"Pens down. Pass up your blue books to the front please, class."

One thing you'll notice is that the "TMoS" is gone from the board; the first thing JMS did upon reaching the front of the room was to erase it.

JMS giving a big check to the high school art program fund (in addition to his time).

JMS telling us to pursue our heart's desires, and to follow our dreams.

JMS not answering a TMoS question for the fourteen hundred and thirty-eighth time that day.

Short Videos (courtesy of Wendy from PA — thanks, Wendy! )

The newsgroup folks at lunch, at Andy's Diner
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JMS and the gang in front of Amy's Rangermobile
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To Sir, With Love: Mr. Straczynski Holds Forth
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