Shaman's Reference Shelf

Your shamanic reference shelf might include these useful books on animal guides, signs and symbols, herbs, and gods and goddesses.

Animal Spirit Guides: Discover Your Power Animal and the Shamanic Path
Chris Luttichau

A nice, new entry in the spirit guide animals reference bookshelf. This small-format hardcover is 160 beautifully illustrated pages, and includes some explanatory material, however the bulk of the book is dedicated to details of the 62 featured animal spirit guides.

Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses: A Guide to their Spiritual Power, Healing Energies, and Mystical Joy
Carl McColman, Kathryn Hinds

Survey of gods and goddesses from Celtic traditions.

Celtic Myth & Magick: Harness the Power of the Gods and Goddesses
Edain McCoy

Encyclopedia of deities and other figures from Celtic myth.

Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small
Ted Andrews

This catalog of hundreds of animals, covering their natural traits and spirit lore, is an invaluable reference for shamanic practitioners.

Animal-Wise: The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature
Ted Andrews

This followup to Animal-Speak covers many more species of animals.

Nature-Speak: Signs, Omens and Messages in Nature
Ted Andrews

The magical lore of plants, seasons, and other elements of nature.

Secret Language of Signs
Denise Linn

A guide to to help you interpret the symbols and events in your journeys, and spiritual signs in your daily life.

Medicine Grove: A Shamanic Herbal
Loren Cruden

The lore and medicine of herbs and plants, drawing on Native American shamanic traditions.

Egyptian Divinities: The All Who are THE ONE
Moustafa Gadalla

A survey of Egyptian gods and goddesses.