Shamanic Journeying Circle in Paoli, PA with Amy Guskin & Paul Nordquist

Winter 2022 VIRTUAL Circle Dates: April 8, May 13, June 10

We will continue to hold virtual circles on Zoom for the next few months. COVID cases have increased a staggering 20x since June here in PA, and deaths have increased sixfold. We know that only about half of the population in PA is fully vaccinated. We don't want to gather in person when we know that might lead to someone getting sick and possibly dying. We look forward to gathering in person when the pandemic is well and truly over! More people getting vaccinated is the fastest way to bring this pandemic to an end, and that's one reason why we both have been vaccinated. We encourage those of you who are able to do so to get vaccinated as well.

We're considering starting to host small, private in-person shamanic journeying circles for vaccinated participants. If you're interested, and are comfortable sharing your vaccination status with us, please email us.

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Amy & Paul

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About the Circle

Who is this for?
The circle is open to all adults, whether you have experience journeying or are a beginner!

What time, and where does it happen?
For now, we are still only meeting virtually, and not teaching new students. If you have experience practicing shamanic journeying, and are interested in joining our virtual circles, please sign up in the blue box on this page.

What do we do?
Shamanic journeying involves going into a trance state in order to allow your spirit body to travel into an alternate level of reality. There, you can find healing and ask for advice from powerful spirit beings willing to ally themselves with you.

The advantage of working within a group is the energetic support provided by a roomful of people working toward a similar end, and also the input and insight you can gain from sharing your journey with others (sharing the results of your journey with the group is not required).

What do I need to bring?
Bring your drum, your bandana or eye mask, your spirit guides, and your questions! Also remember to bring a mat or blanket, or something else to lie down on, a pillow if you think you'll need one, and a journal or notebook so you can record your journey. When you come into the Barre Studio, please remove your shoes and put them in one of the cubbyholes under the front window, which is to your right when you enter.

Is there a cost or fee for the circle?
The circle is free, but your donations — when you can afford to do so — help us with the monthly rental fee for the studio space. If you don't have money with you at the circle, you can donate via PayPal. Use the donation button below, or use PayPal to send money directly to

Amy & Paul

Amy Guskin and Paul Nordquist have been teaching shamanic journeying and leading shamanic journeying circles in the Chester County, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) suburbs since 1997. They have also released several albums of shamanic journeying music. Amy and Paul have studied shamanism here and abroad for many years, with teachers from various cultural backgrounds, and have practiced their shamanic arts in settings as diverse as city streets, chamber tombs in Ireland, and in the center of the circle at Stonehenge under a summer full moon.

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Donations go directly to the costs of holding the monthly circle. Whatever you can afford to give, we are grateful for your generosity!


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