Stealing the Nativity


They've stolen away the tiny infant from the stable
And the Blessed Virgin too - it's something close to treason
Whoever they are, they're fundamentally unable
To understand the one true reason for the season

It started with all that disrespect for old traditions
The common disbelief of younger generations
Now it's all gone beyond the pale, and people who oughta be in jail
Are making fun with all their alternate celebrations

Well not everyone can have the First Noel — so now they're

Stealing the Nativity
They're running away with our holy Manger Scene
(I mean)
If we don't do something about it
All a sudden gonna be without
our Happy Holiday
our Happy Holiday

They got the three kings, the star of wonder and the shepherds
They don't care to leave behind any reason or any rhyme
Is it pranks? Thanks... but no thanks
This theft is nothing less than the crime of all time
It's straight-out Stealing (Stealing) ((Stealing)) (((Stealing))

Born of the Virgin
(Krishna, Mithras, Perseus)
Placed in a Manger
(Horus, Dionysus)
Wise Men,Shepherds, Angels
(Osiris, Krishna)
Born December 25th
(Mithras, Horus, Bacchus)
Holy Resurrection
(Adonis, Attis, Horus, Mithras, Vishnu, Tammuz, Bacchus, Zoroaster...)

This time of the year, they keep on grabbing for our Glory
They're acting in bad faith - how can we compete with them, compete with them?
To win over everyone, they cribbed our sweetest story
They picked the pieces up and moved the whole thing to Bethlehem

Took the babe in a manger, put him in the little town of Bethlehem

And that's stealing the Nativity
They're stealing
more than a Manger Scene
(I mean)
If we don't do something about it
Pretty soon they'll wipe out
our Happy Holiday
our Happy Holiday